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From a Squid Game Welcome Party to Korean language and dance classes, Ksoc have hosted many popular events this year. To wrap it up, I have interviewed Will, the president of the Korean Society, about his thoughts on this year’s club successes. He described Ksoc events as “exceptional and not over the top,” explaining “a lot of people enjoyed these events.” We are “one of the societies which has successfully sprung back up after Covid.”

Will’s favourite event of the year was Kpop club night. It was a successful, “record-breaking” and “sold out” club night held in the Blue Bar on March 24th. Taking the lead in organising the event, he remains “really proud of that…The venue capacity was 450 and over a period of three weeks [they were] sold out.” Surprisingly, only 50 of 450 tickets were purchased by society members! “That just shows there’s a lot more to Kpop that we weren’t aware of. [A] large proportion of these people come from NUA and Norwich.”

Curious about what inspired him to introduce this event, I asked how he came about this idea and planned it out. “When did it spring up in my mind?” He pondered. “I was at a London Kpop club night in November, I think that was an inspiration.” Through many hurdles and challenges in organising an on-campus Kpop club night, he “ultimately decided to organise [their] own and give the student community what it wants.”

As the president of Ksoc, he is also a dance coverist and a radio host for KBBQ radio from Livewire1350. “I got into Kpop through Coachella when Blackpink performed.” It was at that moment when Kpop was introduced to the West that he thought “Kpop can potentially grow in the UEA. I wanted to introduce Korean culture and a new side to music [for the student body].” If you decide to branch out from saturated music, and decide to “[look] for something new and experimental in its nature, you’ll dive into it [Kpop].”

On March 19th, Korean society ventured out of Norwich and competed at the Hallyu Kpop Competition in London. “I remixed all the tracks. Our performance director Lydia and I decided to do something original, nostalgic and refreshing.” The Girl Group team ranked halfway up the results chart, meanwhile the Boy Group team ranked fifth place.

To celebrate this year’s successes, another Kpop Night is going to be held in May. “We decided to organise another one because there’s still a lot of demand for this event.” He is very proud of how much Ksoc has accomplished this year: he hopes Ksoc will “be awarded as one of the most active cultural societies.”

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