Labour candidates call for energy price freeze

Norwich’s Labour candidates have collected 300 petition signatures calling for an energy price freeze as part of a wider Party campaign.


The petition endorses a proposal by Labour leader Ed Milliband which would see energy prices frozen for 20 months if Labour wins the 2015 general election. Clive Lewis, Labour candidate for Norwich South, and Jessica Asato, Labour candidate for Norwich North, will present their petition to David Cameron on 1 December.

Milliband told his party’s conference: “The [energy] system is broken and we’re going to fix it. [The price freeze] will benefit millions of families…That’s what I mean by a government that fights for you.” Labour says its policy will save families £120 a year.

However, Simon Wright, Liberal Democrat MP for Norwich South, argued: “The honest way of reducing bills is to help people switch energy deals, insulate their homes and promote competition… Labour’s policy is superficially attractive, but energy companies will simply whack up prices before the freeze starts and whack them up again when it ends”.

The Green Party argues that energy distribution should be taken under government control instead and that locally owned renewable energy should be encouraged.


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