Annoyingly, this issue is strikingly reflective of British politics right now: the Conservatives have gone back on their promises, the Liberal Democrats are quietly doing their thing, and once again Labour has got it wrong.

This is not about giving Labour an extra seat in Parliament, itís about justice for the people affected by Zac Goldsmithís vile, divisive and racist mayoral campaign.

In order to deliver this justice, the progressive parties need to get behind the closest candidate to defeating Goldsmith. In this case, painfully, it is the Lib Dems.

Lewis has got it right in representing the pragmatic, progressive politics needed to get rid of this reactionary Tory government. The rest of Labour need to follow him.

Whether you like the Lib Dems or not should be put aside in favour of ousting Goldsmith. If this were a general election, Labour could concentrate resources on fighting other seats that they are more likely to win in and the party could end May’s flimsy majority.

The first poll from Richmond Park, conducted by BMG Research, put the Lib Dems on 29 per cent and Goldsmith on 56 per cent. If you donít like Goldsmith, then the Lib Dems are the only way.