Labour plans to abolish Private Schools

There has been an outcry after Labour announced plans to abolish private schools. 

This is part of an aim by Labour to abolish hierarchy elitism and selection in education. In turn, they plan to integrate all private schools into the state sector. 

Chairwoman of the Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference (HMC), Fiona Boulton, expressed the view that shutting down private schools was based on ignorance and the desire to damage. 

This proposed change will come after plans to limit Ofsted inspection and plans to have an environmental zero carbon emission scheme by 2030.

In response to this announcement by The Labour Party, Simon Henderson, headmaster of Eton College, said: “I don’t think that by abolishing some of the best schools in the world, by confiscating and redistributing their assets, that we are going to improve the life chances of young people who have been left behind by the education system.”

Figures show independent schools have an annual contribution to the UK GDP of about £11.6 million, with saving for taxpayers adding up to £3 billion, enough to build 20,000 affordable houses.


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