Labour’s manifesto launch

Labour has released its 2019 election manifesto, under the key slogan, ‘It’s Time For Real Change’. One of the most appealing promises is the 4.3% proposed increase to the health budget. Labour want to scrap hospital car parking and prescription charges and cut private provision in the NHS. Another hopeful proposition is the raise of the minimum wage from £8.21 to £10, with the promise that all workers over 16 will receive £10 per hour within the next year. In addition to this, Labour have also promised improved workers’ rights, which includes bereavement pay, and longer maternity and paternity leave.

The big issue for most voters is Brexit. Labour’s policy is more complicated than a simple slogan, but essentially demonstrates the intention for the renegotiation for a new Brexit deal within three months, before putting this deal to a referendum within six months, with the alternative option of staying in the EU. The referendum results would be applied immediately. This new deal would give EU nationals who work in the UK the automatic right to stay. EU citizens residing in the UK would no longer have to apply to live and work in the country, due to a settlement scheme introduced by the Conservative government. Almost 2.5 million people have signed up to the scheme so far, leaving roughly one million to do so. Labour’s new proposal would remove worry for EU citizens in regard to deportation. Other key policies in the manifesto include the introduction of a National Care service, the bringing forward of the net-zero target for carbon emissions, and free bus travel for under-25s. 

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