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Lackluster Next-Gen Consoles

Historically this has been one of the most exciting events of a generation: the moment you get your hands on a brand-new console, whether you’re team PlayStation or team Xbox; the moment when the two giants face off with their new consoles, gamers lining the streets to collect their hardware along with the newest titles.

This year the industry has been thrown into disarray with delays to some of the biggest expected titles and the release coinciding with the latest national lockdown in England.

What is perhaps telling is that whilst Xbox CEO Phil Spencer has said that Xbox have sold more consoles than ever on a launch day, they will not release their sales figures. Similarly, Sony has also not released any sales figures for the PS5, though what we do know is that the PS4 has outsold Xbox One 2:1 to date.

Speaking to some gamers in the community it is evident that with the lack of new titles being released with the consoles and the frankly lackluster upgrades for the price compared to PC, many gamers are reconsidering their investments into console gaming and beginning to switch to PC.

For me, switching to PC is not something I’m even remotely considering, but for now, my trusty Xbox One will stay by my side until such a time that it needs replacing. Right now, all the games available are also available on the One, plus Cyberpunk 2077 (my most anticipated game of the year) will only be released on Xbox One initially, with an update for the Series X to follow.

Our Gaming Editor, James Ward adds his thoughts: “This generation’s specifications don’t seem to have advanced much when compared to the price, compared to PC which for double the price can be future-proofed for a considerable amount of time. PC can [also] play many games that consoles cannot, [there are] a lot of indie games that don’t come to console.”

With services such as the Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Now also available on PC, it’s clear why this continues to be a considerable contender moving forward, given the bonus that console exclusives could become a thing of the past.

All in all, whilst some gamers have jumped in with both feet and upgraded their consoles, many are taking a much more cautious approach to upgrading, considering their options and switching to PC. This decision could be influenced by the lackluster specifications of the consoles or the economic pressure taking hold during the pandemic. 


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April 2021
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