Lad culture poses a real threat to the treatment of women. This unfunny joke may not be the practice of every guy, but it has a grip on the male youth, providing a strong view of what is now acceptable.

It is right to instantly point out that feminist discussion is not something reserved only for women.

I often enjoy making unfunny jokes but the male identity of the lad is a step too far. It might appear okay to flirt with lad jokes, but beneath the surface it is a joke I cannot immerse myself in. Quite simply, lads are morons seeking attention from their peers as well as dressing themselves in grandeur. It’s quite pathetic.

The prevailing male culture of the lad promotes a vulgar macho image. Women are worryingly rendered as objects or trophies of the lad, which is an extreme threat to feminism. The glorification of lad culture fosters the peer pressure to join in and live up to the hype, increasing its grip on men.

Although many guys are above acting like crude lads and just enjoy the joke, it is a short step from enjoying the joke to accepting it as their own practice. Needless to say, it being “just a joke” is a poor justification. Either way, enjoying the joke enables it.

The gym is a wonderful place for self-improvement. However, it has a negative characteristic of fostering the pretentious and shallow side of the lad. When so much time is devoted to one’s body, it is very easy to apply the same blind attention towards the opposite sex.

Recent studies provided insightful findings: men who regularly go to the gym are more likely to harbour negative sentiments towards women. Such people forget to work-out the most important muscle in the body, the brain.

Women have the ability to stun this unfunny joke by openly showing disgust to this male culture that shows contempt for them and which would snigger at the talk of the feminist movement.

Proud women should more openly confront such societal aberrations like the lad culture as well as persisting inequalities. Sadly, shallow and hypocritical girls who find the immature ways lads act attractive enable such actions and reinforce that it is acceptable to view and treat women in these poor ways.