Later…with Jools Holland – review

Through no fault of our own, just the changing of the times, modern commercial music is more about the commercial than the music. Without an image, a unique selling point and a decent video to back up your repertoire people aren’t going to buy your songs or go to gigs. Sure, there are exceptions, but they are only that. Seldom is music the primary matter anymore, so why should a programme about music, in its purest source, be of any worth in this day and age?


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Later…with Jools Holland is exceptional; for one, it’s in its 43rd series. Flippin ‘eck. It hardly feels the need to change its format, half the people on there are acts you’ve never heard of, and it’s always on (as you’ve guessed with the title) really late. All in all it’s just a glorified UEA Live Music Society night (Jools Holland may be a slightly better compere).

Why is it still on our television sets then? Because, when it comes down to it, behind all the blasé, the fanatic obsessions and the commercialisation of concepts, it’s natural human instinct to love hearing someone perform music, whether it be Jools tinkering on the piano with a musical veteran, artists you love performing your favourite songs or others you have never heard of before playing songs you’ve discovered for the first time. It’s music you don’t have to become obsessed with; you just have to appreciate it. The homosapiens appreciated their grunts, the Greeks appreciated their recited epic poetry, we appreciate Later…with Jools Holland.


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