Layering in the Winter

Despite experiencing them every year and being well-aware of how volatile they are, I can never get used to British winters. They’re cold, wet, and seem to last far too long – often starting from November and seeming to last until the clocks go forwards again. A more self-centered reason for disliking them is how much they limit my wardrobe options, with the same well-worn hoodies having a starring role to prevent freezing to death.

This is where layering comes in. Layering gives me the opportunity to keep wearing the clothes I like all year round. A while ago I impulsively bought a multi-pack of long-sleeved muscle shirts, failing to realise they were muscle-fit, and as a result were not something I ever planned to wear out of the house.

However, several months ago I realised they functioned as a brilliant base layer and their tightness had the added bonus of keeping unexpected draughts out. Something that once languished aimlessly in a forgotten corner of my wardrobe suddenly had a vital function, and meant I could wear four layers (long sleeves, short sleeves, hoodie & jacket) without resembling the Michelin Man.The same thing happened with a thin turtleneck I bought at a similar time. While it was something I wouldn’t wear on its own, when layered under a t-shirt gives the illusion of a background character from an 80s coming of age film (anyone who knows me knows this is exactly the aesthetic I strive for).

By playing around with how I wore my clothes I was able to create combinations I wouldn’t have initially considered, and it’s something I plan to continue doing for the remainder of the chilly season.

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June 2022
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