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Lebanon PM announces official resignation of cabinet

Former Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced the official resignation of Lebanon’s cabinet following the Beirut explosion last week.

Mr Diab described the political elite as “the real trouble… the real catastrophe in Lebanon”, emphasising blame had been transferred to his government, who had “exerted maximum effort” in their service, for corruption and past mistakes within Lebanon. 

He also stated he is “afraid of so many other types of corruption that might hit Lebanon”, claiming the political elite have “taken the country to the edge of being broken”. He calls for the change they had previously blocked, saying they “used all their weapons against us”,  changing the facts to protect themselves and cover their mistakes. 

Having established the corruption present in Lebanon is bigger than the state, Mr Diab signed off: “I declare today the resignation of this government. God bless Lebanon.”

In accordance with Lebanon’s constitution, the cabinet is considered resigned if more than two-thirds of members have stepped down. Mr Diab hands over the resignation on behalf of all the ministers at Baabda Palace, the presidential palace overlooking the capital, Beirut. 

A government source told Al Jazeera Media Network ministers were “under pressure to resign from powerful political actors who expected a ‘business-as-usual’ cover-up”. 

A caretaker government will perform some governmental duties and functions until a new cabinet and prime minister can be appointed. 

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