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Let’s face it. Sometimes you just can’t make it through that one lecture. Whether you missed your morning coffee, you went a bit too hard at the Loft last night, or the professor is in a particular speedy mood. Sometimes it just seems impossible to get your notes up to standard. In cases like this, voice recording equipment can be an absolute lifesaver.
The Philips Voice tracer is a compact, efficient and easy to use device. The interface is straightforward, and though you might be tempted to reach for the instructions occasionally, you’ll work it out before you’ve even opened them. The 4GB inbuilt memory is a beneficial element that sets it apart from other popular recording devices.

It’s noticeably weightier than other recording devices on the market, but the large buttons make it much easier to operate than a device that has an interface that a borrower would struggle to use. You can record in a number of formats – MP3, PCM and WAV – and it is also usable on numerous operating systems: Windows, Mac OS or even Linux. Therefore the flexibility of the Voice Tracer is a notable benefit.

Though it is marketed specifically for use in lectures and interviews, its use can be extended for amateur film making very easily. Plug an external microphone into the device, attached to a boom pole if necessary, monitor the sound with the provided headphones, and you get a very crisp and high-quality sound that works perfectly for film shoots.

The one obvious downside is the price. The Philips Voice Tracer is significantly more expensive than other voice recorders on the market. Though the quality might be better, for a device that’s marketed purpose is for use in lectures and interviews, one can’t help but feel you could buy a much cheaper recording device that would do that job just as well, especially on a student budget.


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