Lego: free your inner architect

Ready for a blast of nostalgia? What about a great excuse to seriously procrastinate away valuable studying time? Put down your iPad, your phone, your smart watch, or your computer, and think back to the colourful bricks that gave you so much joy as a child. If you’re anything like me then you had a bag, or a box, full of randomly sized bricks that fit together to create any number of amazing inventions. If you didn’t, there’s still time. There are hundreds upon hundreds of sets, from Harry Potter to Spider-Man, with my personal favourite being the modular buildings. These nifty little things are realistic building sets, designed to be put together on a large scale in order to create your own city. They can have shops, apartments, docks, roads, even petrol stations, all kinds of things. They’re interchangeable and can be rebuilt with any old bit of Lego you have laying around.

Now bear with me, this may sound completely dorky, but the modular sets offer something different from most sets. Sure, it’s great to build the Hogwarts castle, complete with revolving doors, movable staircases, and exploding bridges. But the modular buildings offer you a chance to build an entire city, a world of your own, with endless creative possibility. Yes, I realise this sounds dry, but they offer the builder all the fun of constructing with Lego, all while pleasing the inner architect and designer within you, choosing exactly what your city will look like. I’ve always been a fan of city building games, but Lego manages to bring this same joy into the real world, becoming something tangible you can build with your hands. It also offers you that change to change minute details, as if you don’t like the look of a window, the placement of your corner shop, or even the size and colour of a building, you can just take it apart and rebuild.

The only set back, and this is a big one, is the price. They weigh heavily on your wallet, with each modular/building being about £120, new. I count this as a blessing to save me from getting seriously addicted and devoting an entire room to my own little city, but for those with deep pockets and a creative mind I can not recommend these sets enough.


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September 2021
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