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Lego Star Wars: First Impressions

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga released on Nintendo Switch at the beginning of April and is available at £49.99 (which unfortunately seems to be the standard price for a decent Nintendo Switch game) as a Switch game card or a digital download. It has since topped over 3.2 million sales, so I thought I’d see what the hype is about.

The game recreates all 9 Star Wars films (of course, in Lego) allowing you to follow the storylines and play through their key moments as different Star Wars characters. Players are offered a vast, open-world experience that is vivid and charming for players of any age. You can roam around freely and explore what the different places have to offer. Each location is exciting and vibrant and looks great even on the small screen of the Switch, albeit a little fuzzy at times. So far, the game has run very smoothly on my Nintendo Switch Lite with no faults. Some players have reported a few minor bugs, but fortunately nothing that significantly hinders gameplay. 

The Skywalker Saga is easy to play. Despite its lack of challenge, it is a very enjoyable experience due to the plotline it offers and its attention to detail. Its characters are brilliant, and the voice-acting and humour is very engaging – you won’t want to skip through it. The characters really add to the lore of the game and truly bring it to life – even the NPCs who simply roam around. The storyline combines action with light-hearted moments – I found myself embarking on a mission to then casually waiting on tables in a café before setting out on another adventure. Additionally, the audio of the game is impressive – the soundtrack alongside the diegetic sounds that occur through gameplay combine smoothly with the dialogue effectively immerses you within the Lego Star Wars universe, offering escapism.

In terms of how long you can expect to play the game, the main storyline is estimated to take around 18 hours to complete, although I’m sure you can eek it out for longer if you wish by completing extra storylines. For those who aim to complete absolutely everything, this game could keep you busy for up to 80 hours.All in all, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a delightful game offering a fun and immersive experience that is worth purchasing.

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