Let your colours shine

Orange, blue, red, white, gold and green. I know listing colours seems completely random. However, we are all colours personified.

Allow me to explain. Colours are not in existence for the sole purpose of looking pretty. In fact, daily, colours serve to fuel our imagination, creativity and our emotions. When surrounded by green tainted things, which often represent nature, quickly you feel like you have enough peace to think well, as well as enough strength to prosper. Likewise, it is easy to feel like a jubilant child again when staring at orange ames. However, colours have an effect which appears most prevalent in the form of a fireworks display.

Fireworks, light up the colours orange, blue, red, white, gold and green in different patterns and variations. They bring to light this reality that we often overlook: colours are way more powerful than they first appear. When they light up in the sky we cannot help but stop and stare, and obey the commands and whispers to feel, dream and love. We need to appreciate the poetic beauty of human nature on display in its most dazzling way.

We have become so used to counting down until it’s Guy Fawkes or New Year’s Day, that we forget that fireworks were not created to be contained. When they erupt, it is clear that they should not and cannot be confined to just those two days. Suddenly there are explosions, frenzies, fits and bursts of colour all around you. How beautiful it is to see all these passions paint the sky, and how can you help but question why that does not happen every day?

When Donald Trump becomes the President of America, when times are tough back home or things are not going too well for you, it is easy to lose all faith in humanity. However, with Black History Month behind us and with a new year awaiting us, it becomes important to reflect on how far forward the passions of Martin Luther King, Ghandi and many others have taken us. On how the passion behind the people fighting against terrorists enables them to win, or on how the fire and colour brought you here to UEA, to your current degree.

Colours can sometimes be overlooked. It is far too easy to walk past a rainbow these days and not appreciate it, simply because we know they come after the rain. It is hard to appreciate the fact that the grass is still green, when we fear that soon this will not be the case. It’s easy to see colours, but not notice or feel very much at all.

That’s why, like fireworks every time they are on display, we must make a point of our own colours, and let them shine. We must re-adjust our focus lens to catch every glimpse of colour that passes by. We need to bring our loved ones, our family members and our friends along with us, to notice the magnificence behind their colours as well as your own.

Stop waiting for Guy Fawkes day. Be the fireworks; the live art that exists every day.


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September 2021
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