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Let’s talk about sex and surveys

This issue we’re talking about sex, but you already know that. Alongside your beautifully illustrated copy of Venue this week is the 2018 team’s shot at the annual sex survey.

We’ve put together an extra 24 pages that will cover everything you want to know about how, why, when, (and yes, where) UEA is doing it. Yes, Sophie and I did consult our tattered copy of the Guardian Style Guide for any wisdom on whether ‘strap on’ should be hyphenated or not. (Surprisingly, this is omitted. We went with not.)

Concrete has stuck with the theme too, with a whole host of sex news and features for you to feast your eyes on this fortnight.

It’s also LGBT+ history month, and this year UEA is proudly flying the rainbow flag for the whole month of February. This is a welcome achievement for student campaigners, who have been working since 2015 to convince the university to change their flag policy gradually over the years. Last year, the flag was only flown every Monday of the month, but it seems the Vice Chancellor has listened to students and responded to feedback. Features looks at the history behind LGBT+ History Month on page 10, with Hannah Brown summarising the events going at UEA to celebrate the month.

In Travel, section editor Beverly Deviakshen writes of her experiences travelling with her girlfriend and on the wider issues that face same sex couples when travelling and going on holiday around the world. This can be a huge worry, and even sadly a risk, for LGBT+ couples yet it’s something many of us wouldn’t ever consider when scrolling through holiday pictures on Instagram or wandering through a foreign country. Beverly writes: “While it would be nice if we could all be ourselves and assume that society will accept us as we are, reality is much harsher.” Turn to page 21 to read her experiences of travelling with her girlfriend and family.

Our News team have taken on another, far less sexy, survey by asking students how they feel about the upcoming UCU strike. The strike is set to affect four weeks of teaching time, if it goes ahead. Students have mixed reactions, though it was interesting to see the majority of campus are in support of lecturers who take the decision to strike. For more information on the strike action as it unfurls make sure you’re following us on social media (@Concrete_UEA) or head to concrete-online.co.uk for the latest updates.

For something completely different, Global editor Eddie Booth has looked at the UEA backgrounds of two alumni who accompanied Prime Minister Theresa May during her visit to China earlier this month. It is quite incredible to see two UEA grads on a global stage like this, but UEA’s global outreach shouldn’t be underestimated. On page nine, I talked to Career Central about their Global Opportunities week and discovered how easy it is for students to get involved in opportunities abroad.


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