Levi’s 501s: A love letter

Dear 501s,

You are my perfect jeans. Years of my life have been spent in Topshop changing rooms longing for my legs to be thinner, so I could finally fit into a pair of Joni jeans. The year was 2013, every cool girl had them and I simply could not get them to fit. This led to years of not only an unhealthy relationship with jeans, but my body too. 

It wasn’t until last year I discovered you, after a couple of glasses of prosecco with my mum. She showed me a picture of her in Paris in the late 80s; my age and donning a tweed jacket and a pair of Levis 501s. She looked amazing. The jacket she was wearing she had given me just a few weeks prior and I knew I needed a pair of these jeans. The next day, I was the proud owner of my own pair of 501s.

A truly classic jean, you not only flatter every outfit, making me feel confident as you radiate your relaxed vibe, but you also link me to my mum. I feel close to her, even when she’s miles away, knowing that her classic sense of style has been passed on to me. 

So thank you, 501s, may your effortless, denim glory reign on forever. 

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Niamh Brook

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October 2021
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