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When leaving the library to pop into the Hive is becoming the most exciting part of your day, you know you have got a problem. We have all been there; weeping in the phone zone, being passed by people looking great, and having to conclude that they must have just popped in for a book.

When your magazines have been confiscated and replaced with a textbook, the library is the only available source of fashion inspiration. It is a good place to start though, as campus has a wealth of well-dressed people. Surely this provides the motivation to make a bit more effort, or at least invest in some waterproof mascara before your next breakdown.

The first tip for looking good in the library is wearing bottoms that will not crease. Choose light denim shorts over tights, they’re comfortable and not too restricting. Alternatively, go for a basic dress, but avoid jersey like the plague, or you will end up a looking crumpled mess.

Try to avoid dark colours. These will make you appear washed out if you are fair skinned and will only help to darken your mood. Even though it is not quite summer outside yet, try to go for a vibrant floral print, or at least a brightly coloured top. Keep the same approach for your make up, a bit of peach blusher and a red lip goes a long way towards lifting your face and outfit. There is nothing worse than being asked sympathetically if you’re okay and having to explain that you’re fine, this is just what your face looks like without makeup. If you keep your outfit bright, you’ll feel better and avoid your highlighter collection becoming more covetable than your wardrobe.

The best hairstyle for achieving library chic is undoubtedly the high ponytail. It strikes a balance between looking professional and cute, and of course keeps your hair out of your face. If this is a little bit boring for you, add little plaits at the side or a bow on top for a Blair Waldorf kind of look.

It may sound mumsy, but don’t forget to wear layers. The library manages to cover many climates within its building, from the ridiculous sunshine on floor 2 to the chilly depths of 01. Bring a cardigan, because god knows where there will be a free plug.

Whether you are actually working, chatting to your friends or Googling pictures of baby animals whilst silently weeping, if the library is becoming the place to socialise, you may as well look good while you’re there.


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January 2022
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