Library statue should be moved after student feedback

Many have congratulated the thought-provoking nature of this exhibition which claims to focus on the relationship between the human body and the space it occupies – admittedly an incredibly interesting and profound theme.

As much as I fully appreciate the dedication to investing in art and making it accessible to all members of the community, which I believe should be a primary focus of all arts institutions, as a young person suffering with mental health problems I cannot support anything which could be triggering to anyone suffering.

Such as sculptures of people on top of tall buildings.

According to a YouGov survey of July 2016, 47 percent of interviewed students reported a mental health problem, and for 77 percent of these people, depression was considered a serious issue. It is not fair to force people who already work incredibly hard to prevent themselves from dwelling on dark or harmful thoughts, to live and work in an area which does not work to protect them from these thoughts.

I understand that the project is designed to encourage people to think about these issues, but for those of us suffering, we do not need any encouragement. They are always there.

And placing one of these statues on top of the library in exam season, a necessary facility for all students in times of exam stress and dissertation deadlines is plain wrong.

Students already have enough bad days, you do not need to make them worse.

The easiest solution? Move it. Make art accessible, not unavoidable.


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September 2021
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