Creative Writing


In your rays of light,

– Halos, halos, hello –

Your shadow,

Your fruitfulness,

Your lime of every light…

In your company!


I look for crevices or cracks

In your existence

– Holes to make us whole –

I look for broken bits,

Rips, tares, shreds, crumbs,

Something I can rearrange

Into a Montage, Papier-Mache,

Into a painting, a golden picture frame,

Unwind the red curtain!

I, The Mona Lisa, The Girl with a Pearl Earring,

You, The Starry Night, The Scream!


Just give me one piece

And maybe I’ll feel some peace.

So, I can slot in, fit in,

In the nooks or in the crannies,

For something uncanny

That I can fill, fulfil, colour in.


Because I cannot be in your presence,

I must be with your presence,

Part of your presence,

Be your presence,





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