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Like a Cardle in the wind

Now it’s not everyday a member of Venue gets to speak to an X Factor winner: Leona Lewis? Nope. Erm, Little Mix? Guess again. Joe whats-his-face? No, we were given the privilege of chatting to 2010’s winner, Matt Cardle. It would be an understatement to say that this interview was mildly anticipated. Post-interview the feeling was anticlimactic and slightly similar to bad sex; you think its great at the time until you have better sex with some one else.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. We did manage to scramble together a few interesting things about Matt, a mere five of them. One: He requests Haribo and Peroni on his rider. Two: He is sick of playing Run For Your Life live. Three: His favourite song to play is All for Nothing because it’s “just really fun”. Wow. Fascinating. Who are we kidding, we can barely list three fascinating facts let alone five. If this counts as a mouth-watering slice of information, Mr Cardle was also on the brink of man flu when the interview took place. Apparently the singer’s idea of curing a cold is not to drink detoxing green tea but to eat a carrot. A carrot. Matt Cardle’s funny.

Chatting to Matt, the conversation was mainly based on his up and coming tour; no he is not coming to the LCR, before you ask. Pity really, considering even Cher Lloyd is making an appearance; she knows where her fans are. When confronted with his lack of an LCR tour date he simply answered “I won’t next time”. Yeah yeah, whatever Matt.  At an attempt to make the conversation a little more riveting, the focus shifted to the album and the recording process. Again, we didn’t really learn much about the man. He is happy with Letters, wouldn’t change a thing. Right okay, maybe if probed about his new material he will open up and finally sound a little excited about his music. When quizzed about the possible new direction of his second offering, his answer was more than bleak. “I think the heavier stuff will go heavier, and the more stripped back stuff will go even more stripped back.” Enlightening.

In the second half of the interview a different tactic was used; quizzing him about other people’s music. Let’s try and make Matt Cardle seem a little more appealing than he is coming off.  When given the option of who he would rather listen to for the rest of his life out of Abba or The Libertines, he rightly chose Abba. Favourite song? Chiquitita. If we were to scroll through Mr Cardle’s iPod we would apparently find James Morrison (bit predictable), Adele (of course), Pearl Jam (now we’re getting somewhere) and Rage against the Machine (How. Ironic.) But worst of all we found out that Matthew has committed the cardinal sin of the music world. He has David Guetta on there too *shivers*.

Now if you haven’t already realised this issue of Concrete is heavily focused on sex and all the fun things that come with it.  And if Matt Cardle thought he would be able to get through one interview without being quizzed on issues surrounding the well-known no pants dance then he thought wrong…

Can you pick a song that is a bed breaker (a song that ruins the moment) and a bed maker (one that makes it even better)? 

A song that I think would be good if I was about to jump in the sack with someone?


I dunno …maybe a bit of John Mayer? A bit of Slow Dancing In A Burning Room or something like that.

Not a bit of R. Kelly’s Bump ‘N’ Grind?

Oh God no. I don’t think he’s a good ambassador for getting people in the sack.

What about your bed breaker?

Erm, er..

Cotton Eye Joe?

[Laughs] Imagine if that came on the stereo just as your about to get your clothes off!

Have you ever sung a woman into bed?

No, I can’t remember if I did. Don’t think so. (Really. Come on Matthew…)

And a question from our sex survey: On a scale of one to ten how would you rate your sexual prowess?

Umm … [asks manager Will] Manager Will says minus 3.

Minus 3? That’s a bit harsh.

Minus 4? Fucking hell. I dunno, I’m 28 so …

Well that’s 28 years of experience..maybe not exactly 28 years of experience 

Yeah, haha, that would be fucking weird. I really don’t know; I couldn’t possible say.

An average 6 maybe?

That’s a little bit low.


That sounds about right.

To conclude, Matt Cardle is not the easiest person to talk to, but when pushed firmly in the right direction he does loosen up a little bit. However one can’t help but feel a little disappointed with the music side of the interview. Therefore we extend apologies to those of you who opened this page in hope to read a world wide exclusive about the 2010 X Factor winner. On the more positive side we did learn that Matt thinks he is an 8.5 in bed. Now if that isn’t nail biting news we don’t know what is. It was a pleasure conversing with Matt, but he ruined it. He broke a promise. I asked one more thing …

Can you follow me on Twitter?


He hasn’t.


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