Creative Writing

Little Intimacies

The body is fragile.

Skin soft, a pillow for the weary to lay their heads.

Cheek to cheek a warm cushion.

Hair entangles lovers in its web,

Bridging the space of dreams

To thread itself with another.

Somewhere, two tears roll silently together,

In collision.

Damp and

Damaged by the hands of others.

Twisted bodies


Between sheets of ice upon the mattress.

A fresh awakening,

Air tickles at the skin.

Some bodies disappear

With the morning’s breath.

But friendly freckles await to greet me good morning.

Stretched eyelids of tracing paper

Reveal internal thoughts

Written out in blue and red veins,

popping over the surface,

to say,

‘I will stay’.

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Katherine Childs