There was an excited atmosphere outside the LCR as people battled Storm Doris to queue for Deaf Havana’s gig. Practically clinging onto one another to stop from being swept from their feet, the fans refused to let the atrocious weather dampen their high spirits.

After taking refuge inside the venue, Dead! took to the stage as the first warm-up act of the night. There was a great energy in the room as they performed their set of classic punk rock. It was well received and the audience were singing along after just one song.

Next up, Dinosaur Pile-Up, a heavy grunge/ alternative rock band from Leeds. A different sound and tempo to Dead! but still worked their magic and got everyone hyped for the headlining act.

And finally the crowd erupted into cheers as Deaf Havana appeared. I was fully expecting the new music from their latest studio album: All These Countless Nights, to dominate their set and it did just that. Although of course a few of their classic, popular songs played throughout. Opening the set they played ‘Ashes’, quickly followed by ‘Trigger’. James then took the time to apologise for having a cold, but his sore throat was not at all noticeable.

They played a full 18 songs and the atmosphere was ecstatic. At times it seemed like every person at the gig was singing along, word perfect. Their honest lyrics conveyed confused feelings of guilt, anxiety and love, with beautiful acoustics and choruses. Their classics: ‘I’m a Bore’, ‘Mostly’, ‘Leeches’, ‘L.O.V.E’ and ’22’ were perfectly arranged and ordered to keep the fans happy. The tracks really emphasised the undeniable talents of the band. ‘Fever’, ‘Happiness’, ‘The Past Six Years’, ‘Tuesday People’, ‘St. Paul’s’ and ‘Cassiopeia’ were the perfect mix of new and old.

Considering how close Deaf Havana came to calling it quits, this new found confidence and enthusiasm is remarkable. They played ‘Mildred’, ‘Anemophobia’ and ‘Hunstanton Pier’ as their set was coming to an end and I must say the night really did fly by. After a rapturous encore they returned to the stage to play: ‘Boston’, ‘Square Sing’ and ‘Pensacola, 2013’, finishing the night perfectly.