Live review: Glass Animals @ the LCR

Glass Animals; an indietronica four piece perhaps best and most deftly described as the result of a hypothetical indie love affair between Alt-J and MGMT. Their music, ranging from the covertly rhythmic to the overtly lively, presents a refreshing alternative to the wave of The 1975 clones that seem to have been pouring into the indie rock/pop genre more recently.

Fresh off the back of their second album How To Be A Human Being, the group came to the Norwich LCR on Friday the 19th of March and brought with them a packed excitement to the venue. The crowd was largely made of students jostling for a space close to the front and this made for a friendly if not a little boisterous crowd. When Glass Animals came on the audience were bathed in the light of a statement pineapple disco ball that floated overhead and gave their set a fantastic retro light show.

The group’s performance was an eclectic mix of new material and old. They seemed to have an enjoyable emphasis on the singles off their latest LP and supplemented those with their older material. One of the highlights of their first album was ‘Gooey’, which gave the set a dystopian air which, in the confines of the low lit LCR, elevated the set giving the show real atmosphere and purpose – something many modern indie band seem to lack.

As the set went on the band, and particularly lead singer Dave Bayley, ramped up an ever-building wave of energy that washed over the crowd. This blossomed straight from the outset with set opener ‘Life Itself’, in which the audience changed from a group competing for space on the dancefloor into a collective soaking up and enjoying the music together.  This was a pleasant reversal to see as with many recent alternative gigs the venue has been host to the trouble of an audience too awkward to interact with each other around the fringes of the dancefloor.

Overall the show at the LCR was a fantastic tribute to the direction Glass Animals have taken with their new album, balancing alternative lyrics and themes with catchy beats. They returned for an encore and finished with latest release ‘Pork Soda’ which cemented their night in Norwich as one to remember.


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