Live Review: Lower Than Atlantis @ The LCR

Lower Than Atlantis have recently released their fifth album to critical acclaim and a top ten chart position, and thus they have embarked on their largest tour to date, showcasing their brand of pop rock/punk to the UK.

Young Guns supply the slot of main support, after a particularly lacking two sets before them from Hands Like Houses and ROAM. The band are energetic and try their best to involve the crowd in songs old and new, however the first criticism is that they rely on new songs to fill a large portion of the set, most of which are not particularly well known amongst the crowd and don’t incite excitement. The sound did no favours to their set, as old tracks become very synth heavy, at times over powering the guitar riffs and making the vocals hard to make out. This does not lead to the crowd giving the band much time and clapping and singing along are limited, with exception to the track ‘Bones’ which has lasted the test of time well.

Lower Than Atlantis start the show with ‘Had Enough’, which the crowd immediately show a liking towards. Mike Duce is a good front man, although maybe not a natural one. He shows a maturity of someone who has been doing this for ten years, but also the excitable nature of someone who is embarking on a tour of this scale. He jumps between leading strong sing along segments, and impromptu speeches explaining the name of the album Safe in Sound, which although is clearly on the spot does not fail to raise the roof.

The band do a set primarily based on previous hits from the second, fourth and fifth albums, with a clear knowledge of what their fan base want to hear, the only flop being the track ‘Boomerang’, from the new album. The set highlights are mostly from their 2014 self-titled album and this is understandable; ‘Words Don’t Come Easily’, ‘Emily’ and ‘Here We Go’ are certified bangers. They manage to rouse the crowd perfectly, and the set list is well dispersed to make sure that even the new tracks aren’t a bore for people who aren’t well versed in the album.

This is a band who could become one of the largest bands in the UK, with some obvious songs being targeted towards BBC Radio 1. They have outlasted many of their peers and their live performance shows this. It is tight, the lighting and sound are both well executed, the set list is written towards people being able to sing along and Mike Duce has come into his own as a frontman. Though it is worth mentioning that the band, as well performing as they were, do not offer much to people who are relatively new to the music or just casual listeners. This should not be seen as a great criticism however, as bands should be performing for their fans, especially in a venue of limited capacity. For fans Lower Than Atlantis have grown into a band that are unmissable.


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