Live: The Cribs


The Cribs tear through a 19-song set at The Waterfront. The Jarman brothers thrive in the smaller venue and haircuts aside, their live reputation is done no harm.

Avoiding initial pleasantries they storm straight into the leading single Come On And Be A No One, from their latest album. With five albums in total the band now has a substantial back catalogue to draw from, and they play the ever popular Our Bovine Public next. We Share The Same Skies sounds good as ever and the band’s performance hasn’t suffered without the presence of ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr. Drawing from the new album the band follows up with Glitters Like Gold and Jaded Youth, which are well-received. Not for the faint-hearted, the gig was a mass of sweat by the first dozen songs.

Mirror Kisses and I’m A Realist back-to-back ensure there is no let up and the intensity the band manage to sustain is particularly impressive. Ryan Jarman’s stage presence defines a band who simply love being on the road and still enjoy playing older material. Addressing the crowd for old school fans the confirmation was rapturous. Cult song Another Number is still fresh and a good sing-along but the highlight of the performance is their rendition of Be Safe, which grows slowly as a number before reaching a deafening chorus, which The Waterfront’s walls struggle to contain. From here on, it’s a relentless finish and its testament to the band’s array of material that Hey Scenesters! and Men’s Needs can be saved until the end.

The band is interactive with the crowd throughout and Ryan appeals for any song requests. Playing as if they could go all night, Don’t You Want To Be Relevant follows swiftly. The band finish on an outstanding version of The Wrong Way To Be, as Ryan stands inches from the crowd, thrashing his guitar and threatening a potential crowd surf. Although he resists, others don’t, flying over heads and shoulders at a steady rate. Guitars are played against amps and left to reverberate as the band thank fans and reluctantly leave the stage. The crowd shuffle out in fully content exhaustion to nurse a few bruises come the morning.


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May 2022
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