Livewire New Music Playlist March

Yonaka – Ignorance

A Brighton-based four piece with a dark-pop vibe, they’ve released one single ‘Run’, up until now – until ‘Ignorance’. It’s a brooding indie rocker bordering on pop, lead singer Theresa Jarvis’ vocals carry a grit within them, but blend insanely well in this confident follow up.


ODA – So High

Imagine someone covered Birdy in a black mist of bass – that’s ODA. Real name Oda Kvingedal Larsen (made the right decision by sticking to ODA) has come out with a wonderfully enchanting debut single – influenced by the likes of BANKS and Halsey. Fans of the latterly mentioned will not be disappointed with this track, which was written one morning by Oda in her bathroom.


Lisbon – Vice

When a single premieres on BBC Radio 1 and is birthed from the same label as Racing Glaciers and Fickle Friends it rings alarm bells, bells that scream “LISTEN TO ME”. The new track by the Newcastle indie band was produced by Dan Austin, who’s worked with the Pixies; Lisbon are an exciting new group dishing out fun electrically charged indie. They also have a song called ‘Khaleesi’ and any band naming a song after a Game of Thrones element merit a listen in our books.


Dazy Crown – Honeydew

Our homeboys at Dazy Crown are at it again, with the blissfully floaty ‘Honeydew’. Written about lead singer Tom Little’s parents the song has a sweetness to it, like honey. It’s got killer riffs and ridiculously catchy guitar lines, and a sound which is instantly recognisable as unique to Dazy Crown – ‘Honeydew’ is a track with identity, and we love it.


The Vryll Society – Self Realisation

A Liverpool psych-band with attitude, they’ve been signed to an indie record label, Deltasonic, which basically only focuses on Merseyside indie-rockers. There’s a jutting bassline and plenty of high-whine guitar swells, for fans of the genre this is an absolute must-listen.


Lou E – What Do You Do it For?

This kid is 18, which always causes us great distress – that young people are already infinitely cooler than us. While the intro has some Randy Newman Toy Story vibes, they quickly dissolve – and Louis Milburn’s (real name) laid back vocals flood in. It’s a pleasant song to listen to, asking some serious questions while soothing you with gentle indie.


Day Wave – Stuck

Got a lot of love for this shoegazey breakthrough artist, there’s a sense of throw-back to sepia-filtered summer memories in Jackson Phillips’ sound. A tinge of longing taints the song, the lyrics are melancholy yet don’t clash at all with the warm, and nigh-upbeat drums – there’s no contrast in sound despite the one present in the themes. Sprinklings of synths and choral vocals only add to what is a huge track, his second EP Hard To Read is out 4th March, don’t miss it.


Cruel Youth – Mr Watson

So while Natalia Kills and Willy Moon may have proved themselves to be somewhat awful humans during their stint as New Zealand X Factor judges, the husband and wife duo’s new band is annoyingly good. With Kills’ vocals reminiscent of Lana Del Rey, with fun shaking synths, we begrudgingly admit the ‘Mr Watson’ is brilliant.


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