Livewire’s Jailbreak 2019 will coincide with ‘Brexit Day’ when the UK formally leave the EU to begin a transition period.

Events on the 29 March, otherwise known as ‘Brexit Day’, could cause Jailbreak to come to a halt as it is currently unclear as to whether the students will be allowed to travel to Europe.

The charity event sees students compete to get as far from the UEA library as possible, within 24 hours and with no money.

Current talks suggest that, in the event that a deal is struck, a transition period will freeze travel until December 31st 2020 while the agreed terms of the deal are implemented.

If a deal is not struck, changes will be enforced from March 30th.

Station Manager, Eleanor Martin said; ‘Nothing with Brexit seems to be too set in stone so there still is a massive “if” surrounding the collision of Jailbreak and Brexit Day. Obviously, it would create a few new challenges and difficulties surrounding teams mobility, fundraising abroad and the access teams would have to facilities if they needed them in a case of emergency. Livewire’s Head of Events Emma Beattie is currently on the case making sure that we have plans in place for if Brexit occurs to ensure that the event can still run as a success and keep our brilliant teams as safe and happy as possible.’

She added; ‘I think that Brexit will make running events like Jailbreak in the future harder initially, and especially over the next few years as the situation is so volatile. I think Jailbreak will adapt to what can and can’t be done within Europe, though some teams have reached Canada before so Europe is not the be all and end all. Students are very determined so I think where there is a will there is a way.’

The Brexit deal will be debated in parliament on 11 December and if passed will set the terms at which the UK leave the EU. If not, the deal will be amended and brought back to the commons for a second vote.

The European Commission has proposed to keep travel visa-free for UK citizens travelling for 90 days or less, however, this will only be applicable if the UK offer the same to EU citizens in return.

Last year, Jailbreak raised thousands of pounds for Papyrus, a suicide prevention charity.