Livewire’s Johnnie and Jarman: the new Phil and Holly?

Sitting in one of the most popular coffee haunts in Norwich Centre, I was warmly greeted with smiling faces as the hosts of The Johnnie and Jarman show exuded a Holly and Phillip This Morning- like dynamic.  The natural rapport between the two hosts was immediately evident, as they constantly finished each other’s sentences and triggered comical responses from one another.

Their entertaining midday show is highly rated with dedicated listeners tuning in each week. With the daunting task of living up to Livewire1350’s alumni Greg James, Johnnie and Jarman do an excellent job bringing an array of quirky segments ensuring their primetime show does not disappoint. Inviting listeners into their conversations treating them as friends, rather than a distant public.


What’s the Johnnie and Jarman show?

Johnnie – Primarily it is a magazine show with lots of different features.

Rachael – But really it’s like sitting down to a conversation with the two of us.


What makes you work well as co-hosts?

Johnnie – Rachael is great at choosing the songs and I’m more interested in the talking side.

Rachael – Yeah quite a good combination. But I think the main reason we work so well together is that we are really great friends.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves.

Rachael – I study history I am in general quite boring but Johnnie brings out the funny side of me.

Johnnie – And I study History and Politics and I am in general quite boring but Rachael brings out the funny side of me.


Any previous broadcasting experience?

Rachael – No I’ve never done anything like Livewire before.  I’ve always loved the radio, but just to listen to. I’d never really thought about going on air until I met Johnnie. But now I love it. It’s brilliant! Part of that is because I’d never have had the confidence to have done it without Johnnie.

Johnnie – For me, I’ve always been obsessed with the news. So even when I was in middle school when I was like in years 5 and 6 I was always talking about my views with my friends. So all I’ve ever really wanted to do was read the news and be on the radio.

Rachael – And now we get to every week!


Favourite radio show? Why?

Rachael – Always Radio One and actually I’ve been listening to KISS recently, but I’m not really sure how I feel about that yet.

Johnnie – See I love Radio Norwich 99.9. It’s just banging tunes … and I’ve always been a big fan of Chris Evans.


How do you create your play-lists for the show?

Rachael – We don’t. We come up with the songs during the show. Although we do have a list that we have to play some tracks from.

Johnnie – But usually we like to have some sort of old school anthems.

Rachael – And of course we take requests.


How do you typically prepare for a show?

Rachael – We don’t plan too much anymore. Johnnie used to find interesting stories to talk about. But more and more we found that being quite natural works for us.

Johnnie – So it’s more of a chat now, whether it’s about our trip to Prague, current affairs or that Rachael baked a cake.


Most challenging aspect of the live recordings?

Johnnie – When you have a guest on that doesn’t give.

Rachael – Or gives one word answers.

Johnnie – When you’re on air you really need conversation, but when it’s someone’s first time on the radio they can be reserved.  But at the same time not one guest has left and not ended up enjoying the experience.


Favourite memories?

Rachael – When we think we’re going to get cancelled, as we’ve got a little less daytime than we should’ve, but we still have the job.

Johnnie – My favourite part of the show is knowing that I’m going to be able to spend an hour and a half with Rachael every week.

Rachael – Definitely.

Johnnie – Also I like the fact that the radio allows us to be narcissists. No, actually, that’s my favourite thing. What else would allow us to spend all afternoon signing photos?

Rachael – It allows us to get lost in a bit of a dream world that we both wish was reality.


Are your ideal jobs radio related?

Rachael – I want to be the new Ferne Cotton, a Radio One DJ that takes the world by storm.

Johnnie – I want to present breakfast television or maybe the news – like the hard news. But the actual goals are us presenting This Morning or The One Show


What advice would you give someone who wants to get into radio/Livewire?

Rachael – It’s daunting but it’s so worth it.

Johnnie – It’s a fantastic opportunity to find your feet at university and it’s such a great experience.

Rachael – Definitely get involved it’s such as great experience. And cover events like Derby Day, Jailbreak etc. Also think about joining the committee!


Important skills for a radio show host?

Rachael – Charisma …not much of it just enough to be able to talk.

Johnnie – To be able to laugh at yourself and not take it too seriously.

Rachael – To know your stuff. We have a skeleton idea before the show. Just be confident and enjoy it.


Any people you’d like to thank for their support?

Johnnie – Thanks to everyone who’s listened to us and supported us.

Rachael – I don’t really know anyone that hasn’t been really nice about the show and not gone along with the whole sort of joke; ‘We’re a Big Deal’.

Johnnie – And thanks to our guests, to our WeatherWire correspondent Charlie Lake and our correspondent, Harriette Panchmatia.


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