Local Natives – Hummingbird – review

Local Natives have returned with an album that shows growth, development, and a lot of time spent with The National. After touring with the band, they proceeded to work with member Aaron Dessner who assisted in producing, co-writing and performing on Local Natives’ sophomore album.nWith that influence, the album holds a softer and more subtle approach that hasn’t been seen yet by the L.A based group.

Local Natives

At first listen it might seem a bit of a disappointment. However, given a closer listen the subdued beauty of the album becomes apparent, proving that the album truly is a grower.

Compared to their debut album Gorilla Manor, Hummingbird has a distinctly more mature sound with lyrics to match, and definitely shows a progression within the band whilst maintaining their trademark harmonic vocal ability.

There aren’t any songs on the record that mimic the undeniably catchy and singalong ability of previous tracks such as Airplanes or Who Knows Who Cares. Wooly Mammoth is the one song that seems to resemble anything heard on Gorilla Manor with punchy instrumentals and swelling vocals.

That said, those hoping that Hummingbird would follow suit of their first effort shouldn’t give up yet. Columbia was written after the passing of lead vocalist Kelcey Ayer’s mother last summer and is definitely a stand out song from the album, notably depicting the raw emotion that isn’t overshadowed by any intricate lyrics.

Giving it an appropriate chance, listeners will be able to uncover depth on the record and despite lacking tracks that make an immediate impact on first try, Hummingbird as a whole shows development in the band and is definitely worth having a listen.


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January 2022
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