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With lockdown came days that felt like forever. Days stretched into weeks, and weeks into months. But there was one shining light which got me, and so many others, through those early lockdown days: Animal Crossing. For so many of us, it was the gift we didn’t know we needed. It gave us the chance to escape early lockdown life and the terrifying state of the world around us.

Life in animal crossing is simple and innocent. You collect, you build, you farm, you buy, and you sell. Animal crossing represents the real world, but without fear.  Of course, you can’t live in a game world forever, and it isn’t healthy to avoid the problems and issues in the real world, but that time playing Animal Crossing meant that for just a few hours, there was no stress or worry: there was just fun.

I freakin’ love Rocket League. My housemate and I squeeze in a game or two every evening we can. It has a pretty simple premise: “Hey, what if football was played with rocket-powered cars that can fly through the air and drive along walls? Oh, and the ball was massive.” An unshakeable concept. Though don’t mistake my fervour as anything resembling talent; we are beyond shocking at this game we love.

A night where we manage to not lose that badly is deemed a successful one. Every goal, no matter how accidental, is celebrated as if it were a victory – even if we’re 7-1 down.

We keep telling ourselves we’ll get better, but the accelerate button on my controller has stopped working and there’s no way to rebind it, so I guess I’ll have to master scoring goals in reverse?

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