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If i ever come back,

i want you to remember

who i used to be.

Remember that day,

at St Katherine Docks,

when it was almost Christmas.

It was almost Christmas

and you had never been brighter.

The water mirroring the lights

and the whispers.

A painting of lost people,

dancing flesh

on the thread of a city made of black steam. The frosted morning,

the foxes at night,

chasing each other

outside my window.

Sometimes i think

i’d like to be a fox,

going out only when

the sun goes down.

Running away,

from curiosity

and lights.

If i ever come back,

remember who i was,

An orphan,


wandering trough

an unknown,

beautiful world.

A grey world.

Grey Marble Arch,

grey the water of the canals.

Grey the anxiety

of Oxford Street.

Remember who i was.

Because i won’t.


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