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Long live the Christmas jumper

Christmas jumpers: warm, cosy, and seasonally appropriate. What’s not to love? While there are some Christmas jumpers out there that do tend to deviate a little on the tacky side, most Christmas jumpers are like a warm hug. Even if they are tacky, that’s part of the magic. What fun is Christmas if it can’t be big, bold and beautiful?

1) Christmas jumpers keep you warm

Soft and snuggly, jumpers are necessary for the icy winter months, and if you are going to wear a jumper, why not wear a Christmas one? Christmas only comes around once a year, so if you really think about it, they are an exclusive item. I’ve never seen a Christmas jumper that isn’t thick and snuggly and that is exactly how they should be. Combat cold with the Christmas spirit.

2) You can go as simple or wild as you like with the design

One of the best things about a Christmas jumper is how many options there are. Whether you want one with snowflakes, reindeer, Santa or a little snowman, I can guarantee you will find one as plain or as dramatic as you desire. Christmas jumpers can be so unique, and they are a great way to show off your personality through festive fashion.

3) At least one person will always compliment you on wearing one.

It’s not all about the compliments, but everyone knows that Christmas jumpers are the cutest. Whenever I see someone wearing a festive jumper, I can’t not tell them I love it. Seeing people celebrating the festivity gets me so excited for Christmas, and I love to see people having fun and getting in the spirit. Any excuse to talk and think about Christmas is a plus for me.

Look cool, yet stay warm with a Christmas jumper. Don’t be a scrooge; enjoy the Christmas spirit with a smile!

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