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Love and loss at UEA

“I went busking last Valentines Day, and used the money to get coffee afterwards. At the cafe, they were giving out roses, and I kept one in my pocket. After getting wasted at pre-drinks, I went to the LCR and walked straight into the bar where I ran into my now girlfriend, who I’d only met once before. I remembered the rose in my pocket, gave it to her, and we kissed. The rest is history.”

“My girlfriend and I met in a seminar in the first few weeks of first year, we were just friends for a while – because she thought I was gay – until one night when we kissed after a party at my flat. The next day we went to Ziggy’s to talk things through, and we’ve been together ever since.”

“I met my former boyfriend during the second week of freshers sitting on the benches outside of Blue Bar, at a traffic light social. We were both wearing green. He asked me to borrow my lighter (later telling me he had one all along) and a mutual friend warned me not to get with him. Two hours later, we kissed at Lola Lo’s. We had our first date the next afternoon at Ziggy’s, and after that we were together for three and half years.”

“I matched with my girlfriend on Her (a dating app for women) and we started chatting. I knew she went to UEA, but learned that we were actually on the same course. What’s weird is that all of my friends knew her – but I’d never heard of her. Weirder still, it turned out we have the same adviser, and on the first day of uni in first year, we had been sat together and not even realised.”

“I bumped into a guy in the snow because I couldn’t see. We walked the same way and he ended up lending me his coat. We kissed by the Ziggurat stairs. How very UEA.”


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