Main Stories, News / 14/09/2021 NAPAC Announces Booklet to Combat Widespread Abuse Experienced by Young People

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) has created a new booklet to support adult survivors of child abuse. This comes as NAPAC recorded a significant rise in the amount of young people disclosing instances of abuse. The charity offers support to adult survivors of any form of child abuse, including physical, emotional,...

Main Stories, News / 14/09/2021 National Sexual Health Week September 13th-19th 2021

This year, National Sexual Health Week is focusing on the importance of consent. In a country where 75% of students do not believe they have been adequately prepared at school to have a comprehensive understanding of consent, educating and spreading awareness is as important as ever. This is according to a survey carried out in...

Main Stories, News / 14/09/2021 Law to Make Uniforms More Affordable Will Not Apply This Academic Year

A new law is in the works, aimed at lowering the cost of uniforms in England. The law is expected to limit the number of logos on uniforms, allowing parents to buy more items from supermarkets and shops other than a school’s main supplier. Unfortunately, this law will not be put in place for the...

Main Stories, News / 14/09/2021 New Eco Petrol Introduced to Petrol Stations

A new eco-friendly petrol is being introduced at filling stations in Britain this month.  E10 petrol is intended to be the new standard petrol grade put forward by the government. This offer is part of the government’s plans to cut carbon emissions as E10 contains less carbon than other motor fuels and more ethanol. This...

Main Stories, News / 14/09/2021 UEA Sportspark Hosts Summer Bereavement Programme for Young People.

This summer, UEA Sportspark has hosted a summer bereavement programme to offer support to young people who have lost someone to the Covid-19 pandemic. After a heartbreaking year for all those who have been bereaved, it is hoped sport and physical activity will help to improve the mental health of children and young people in...

Main Stories, News / 14/09/2021 Exams to be Altered Following Recent Disruption to Teaching

The Minister for Education, Gavin Williamson, has told the Education Select Committee that those sitting exams in the upcoming academic year will have exams adjusted, saying it would not be viable to “immediately switch back to the situation as it was back in 2019.” In a press release from the Department for Education, Mr Williamson...

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