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Make 2018 your most fashionable year yet

January might be a dreary month, but your style doesn’t have to suffer. In fact, there’s no better excuse than the start of a new year to finally update your wardrobe, and begin a new beauty routine. Adopt these new years resolutions to ensure that 2018 is your best fashion year yet (and take a look on Venue 346 page eleven to make sure you don’t repeat 2017’s fashion mistakes…)

1. Get out of the same routine of wearing the same T-shirt and jeans.

2. Incorporate more colours into your outfits.

3. Become a savvy shopper and buy pieces that will create outfits with clothes you already have.

4. Don’t let your age, gender, body shape or anything stop you from wearing what makes you feel good.

5. Have a clear out! If you haven’t worn it in the past year, do you still need it? Create space for new clothes or just downsize your wardrobe completely. It might also be worth putting some items on eBay or depop for some extra cash.

6. Avoid impulse purchases.

7. Buy from new stores.

8. Pick out your outfit the day before. This will also help you avoid wearing the same cycle of outfits as you will have more time to put thought into what you’re going to wear and avoid rushing around in the morning.

9. Wear more accessories.

10. Remove the stress out of style choices. If Instagram is putting pressure on your to look perfect in every outfit, unfollow the causes.

11. Buy a gym outfit that will make you feel good and excited about working out.

12. Go completely cruelty free with your beauty products. There are great, popular brands out there that are cruelty free, so there is no point in supporting companies that test on animals.

13. Pay attention to other parts of your body, such as your hands or neck. When applying moisturiser to your face, don’t stop there, bring it down to your neck as it needs just as much care. Your hands are exposed to the elements and go through a lot during the day so it’s important to ensure you protect them.

14. Try those colours in your eye shadow palette that you’ve never touched before.

15. Embrace your natural hair. Your hair will be healthier without all that heat, so if you’re someone that uses a heating product every day, give your hair a break. In the long run your hair will be much healthier and maybe even easier to style.

16. Maintain a skin care routine. Find the products that work for you and put your skin before your make up. Rather than investing in the new eye shadow palette that you probably don’t need, try some new skin care products.

17. Throw out expired beauty products.

18. SPF. The best way to protect your skin and prevent it from aging quickly is to apply sun cream daily. An easy way to incorporate SPF is to use products that already have SPF in them, such as a moisturiser or foundation.

19. Remember to clean your make up brushes.

20. Remove your make up before bed. Find a remover that is kind to your skin, or even consider natural removers such as coconut oil. It will feel like less of a chore if you enjoy removing your make up with something you know is doing your skin some good.

21. Stop touching your face and your hair. This will prevent clogged pours and dirty hair.

22. Be patient with your skin when using new products. It may take some time to notice any change in your skin, but keep at it and you’ll see the benefits.

23. Let your skin breathe. Going days without makeup or wearing less of it is going to improve your skin in the long run.

24. Drink more water. Not only is this going to improve your health, but your skin will thank you for it.


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