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I love apricots. Juicy, tangy, subtle enough to feel fresh, small enough to carry in a lunchbox.  A few days ago, I ate an apricot on the bus to campus. It filled my body with a sense of joy, watching the sun peak between the trees on the Avenues, a soft breeze clipping my hair as the bus made its timely commute. And how lucky we all are to be able to enjoy small moments of happiness. Supporting Ukrainians from the comforts of a war-free Norwich has been greatly supported by the group, ‘Norfolk Supporting Ukraine’, offering donations as well as vital necessities to those directly impacted by the ongoing crisis. Click on the QR code below for information on how you can support the group’s overall mission.

As the academic year reaches its final lap, let’s remember to enjoy the small things in life. Coffee with friends. A walk in the fresh air. Discounted t-shirts. Personal bests. Fresh fruit.

Never take such things for granted. Enjoy them, and fight for the ability of others to enjoy them too. From Freyja and I, thank you.

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June 2022
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