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The Royal Arcade has a new neighbour in the form of Tim Kinnaird’s venture into sweet treats, Macarons & More.

Macarons & More Photo: Macarons & More

The shop opened two months ago and has already been popular with locals since first making its name on the stalls of the Norfolk Diet market, and finding success with its online pick up service. Tim’s macarons take the classic French patisserie favourite and give it a modern makeover, with recent and past flavours including bacon and maple syrup, gingerbread and chocolate, and blackcurrant and violet. Be prepared to arrive early to avoid the disappointment of finding an empty display window; these macarons are selling like hot cakes.

Although they take first spot in the shop’s title, macarons are not the only thing on the menu. The masterminds behind the business have been perfecting their madeleines, making melt-in-the-mouth silver and gold topped brownies, and creating cracking spice-infused peanut brittle.

Hot chocolate is also on offer, but it is not your standard instant powder. Tim’s Masterchef experience of cooking in Rajasthan, India led him to create some fantastic mixes using rich chocolate and warming spices, each offering the smooth, thick texture of a real chocolate drink in keeping with the Aztec tradition. Such a drink would not be complete without a marshmallow or two, and Macarons & More have developed their very own flavoured marshmallows as well.

The sweet-toothed customer is clearly more than catered for here, but for the savoury inclined, the shop sells a variety of fresh artisan breads that would not look out of place in a Parisian bakery. Their perfect crusts are simply waiting to be torn off and devoured by a hungry customer waiting in the queue (a temptation that has been stifled on many occasions).

It may be hard to believe that creator Tim Kinnaird was firstly a medical practitioner, and has worked with the university as well as at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. Despite having a talent and passion for practising medicine, Tim found that food was his true calling, and has come from reaching the Masterchef finals to being the proud owner of one of the most exciting new enterprises in Norfolk.

Macarons & More has given East Anglia a taste of the French patisserie, but with a personal touch that makes their products and service truly special.

The city of Norwich has welcomed their creations with open arms, and embraced this new local business that is committed to creating perfection in its products and using local produce as often as possible.


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