Sometimes it feels like the only way to relax and unwind after you’ve finished your reading and seminar prep is an inevitable trip to the pub or to vegetate in front of Netflix for a few hours with a selection of your favourite snacks. However, there is a way to spend your spare time more productively and also have fun at the same time. There are a number of opportunities you could be making the most of, wherever your interests may lie. Not only something fun to distract yourself from university work after a long day, some of these can also provide useful skills and be a valuable addition to your CV.
Probably the most obvious suggestion for filling your spare time is to join a club or society. With UEA’s vast list of groups to choose from, there really is something for everyone. From UEA Snow to Archery and Baking to Minecraft, and not forgetting all the subject specific societies, there’s a lot to choose from! As well as an opportunity to indulge an old passion or try something new, it’s also a fun way to meet new friends and a great chance to learn a new skill.
If your interests are giving back to the community and you can spare a few hours for a good cause, there are some great opportunities for volunteer work in Norwich. From dedicating a few hours a week to visiting an elderly member of society and offering a friendly ear, to giving up some time to work in a charity shop or help a small local business, there are various types of work available and is a great place to start looking.
On the other hand, if you’re really looking to boost your employability in your free time, look no further than the university itself. The Careers Centre runs a number of workshops each week to help students with things like writing the perfect CV and even how to impress in a job interview. Just book your place online and show up on the day, they’ll even send you an email reminder. Or, if you want something more full time, there are a number of great services within the university that you can apply for to gain experience in a certain area, like the Next Steps to Teaching programme and the University Writers Service.
However, if you want to venture outside of campus, the city offers some great things to do with your time. You could apply for a part time job or look into some of the events and classes in Norwich. The Birdcage hosts a number of different events if you want to do something different with your evening, from open mic to comedy nights and even life drawing classes. So, whatever grabs your interest, why not bring along some friends and head into the city to try something new.