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Themed makeup, for example to recreate the theme of a particular film, can be a cute way of delivering a fierce look whilst also paying homage to something you love. But some argue this is just a way to exploit customers into paying more for certain products.

Most makeup in a collection themed around a certain movie is likely to be expensive as brands argue that the theme gives the collection added value. If it is simply the colours within the makeup line which are inspired by the movies and can help recreate a look, then I’d argue that the packaging isn’t worth the money when the look and colours can be found and recreated in much cheaper palettes or makeup products. These products can appear more as a gimmick than a serious product for a professional artist and perhaps should be viewed simply more as for fun than a high-quality item.

If makeup is something you love, then using makeup that reminds you of a loved movie could be a really special addition to your collection and could also make a fab gift for a friend. It could even encourage those who don’t have much makeup experience to start experimenting and unlock a new look.

Some makeup themed around a certain movie or franchise can be extremely nostalgic, such as Hot Topic’s Polly Pocket themed palette, or Ulta’s Mean Girls burn book palette. These are a cool, adding a vintage element to your collection. Furthermore, movie themed makeup varies on price, and though more high-end brands such as Ulta do charge more for the product, those such as Primark or hot topic also deliver a cute themed product for a cheaper price. Thus, if the theme alone is what makes the product cool, the price tag negative may be negotiable as you can shop in cheaper stores.

Ultimately, movie themed makeup can be a great edition to a collection, however unless it is an extremely well-loved movie and a very high-quality brand, I would suggest not paying too much for the product in order to avoid exploitation.

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