Makeup subscription boxes: Are they worth it?

The joy of receiving a subscription box in the mail is like Christmas day coming every month. Whether you’re passionate about beauty and want to sample the latest fads in French skincare, or are completely clueless when it comes to makeup and want to dip your toe in the water, beauty subscription boxes are the easiest way to do so without breaking the bank. The range of subscription services available today means that it’s easy and convenient to try the latest and greatest beauty products you’ve always dreamed of, and owning the newest ones that you haven’t even heard of yet. With a multitude of different boxes to choose from, it’s the perfect thing to gift the beauty lover in your life for Christmas, allowing them to try all the new trends without having to step out their front door. The real beauty of the beauty boxes is that if you don’t like a product, you can go to sleep at night with the knowledge that you haven’t splashed all your cash on trying that new serum or face mask. Subscription services like Birchbox and Glossybox give you a range of travel-sized versions of the newest products in the market, while others such as My Little Box and Pink Parcel also throw in a few lifestyle goodies so there’s something for everyone, and starting at a tenner a month, you have nothing to lose.

Maya Coomarasamy

Makeup Subscription Boxes are the industry’s biggest scam out there. YouTuber’s make them look glamorous, but what you are really paying for in monthly installments is a nice box with scented wrapping and the expensive delivery of this parcel. You sign up to endless emails which encourage you to buy the full-sized versions of the products that you have paid for inside your cute box, decorated with endless pink tissue paper.

Most of the time the products are duplicates of ones that have been in previous boxes, and the rest are products which you know that you will never use. It might work out cheaper for a group of friends to pay for a regular box subscription, but there will always be an oddly scented mini soap bar that no one wants to use. These items get stored in a draw and are forgotten about until you get a Secret Santa who is hard to buy for.

Then there is the storage of these boxes which you have paid for. If you chose not to throw them away, they take up highly valued space in wardrobes and cupboards. If you recycle them at Christmas time it could save you some money on wrapping paper, but this isn’t always appropriate for those family members or friends who despise the colour pink. You could always flatten them down and put them in the bin, but then why pay for the extra gloss and not just get it delivered in a cardboard box. In fact, just try products out in store and buy them once you have made your decision. Don’t be fooled by this money wasting trick!

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