The retailer Mamas & Papas have announced it is going into administration, resulting in six store closures. The announcement by the British nursery brand has made 73 staff redundant, and its head office in Huddersfield plans to ‘simplify’ operations which places a further 54 jobs at risk. Closures in Aberdeen, Lincoln, Leamington, Fareham, Milton Keyes and Preston were apparently necessary to save the business. Bosses believe in-store sales are falling due to the fact that more customers are choosing to shop online. In September, the company appointed advisers from Deloitte to review options for the business as it struggled to remain profitable. An executive chairman of Mamas & Papas, Richard Cincotta, described the events as difficult but necessary. “We remain fully focused on maintaining our position as the UK’s most popular nursery brand,” he said. A managing partner at Bluegem Capital, Marco Capello, also said: “The business now has a solid platform from which to achieve this ambition, so we can look forward to the future with confidence.” The announcement by Mamas & Papas follows rival store, Mothercare’s collapsing earlier that week, which led to the closure of its 79 stores and loss of 2800 jobs. Despite the closure of six stores, the re-purchasing has allowed Mamas & Papas 26 remaining stores, consequently saving around 600 jobs.

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