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Manifest Review – “Fasten Your Seatbelts”

I guess most of you, like myself, are binging any series you can find. For me, this is currently the second season of ‘Manifest’, the supernatural drama originally aired on Sky One. When the first season ended, I felt that the drama focused more on rebuilding the relationships of the characters that disappeared, which is evident through the well-written dialogue. The “callings” throughout the first season were used as a narrative tool that felt a bit disconnected from the five-year jump, which doesn’t occur this season. The mystery of the flashback visions to flight 828 remains the most compelling aspect of the show.

One particular character, Zeke, has a very interesting arc in the second season. Various shootings and murder provide us with moments of extreme suspense, guilt and sympathy. The dialogue for this season has also seen vast improvement, with characters such as Cal having some excellent lines.

Overall, I feel like ‘Manifest’ is off to a very strong start and I would recommend the series. However, this season is a bit confusing in terms of its mythology and the drama between the characters. I do feel, though, that this series will hopefully provide some more possible answers as it progresses.

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