Marvel: the mighty

When it comes to the debate of Marvel vs DC everyone who is anyone has an opinion. From the casual movie goer to the comic book fanatic the disagreement causes a level of conflict only rivaled by Brexit. But there is a clear winner and you only need four words to prove it. Marvel has Iron Man.

Do you want fight scenes? Iron Man. Character development? Iron Man. Vulnerability, humility and hilarity? Iron Man. Whatever you want, Marvel does it better, does it three times and does it with ironclad confidence, leaving DC in its short lived Batman glory days. When it comes down to cold hard cash, Marvel is at the top with Iron Man 3, as the most successful Marvel franchise, grossing $1.2 billion globally. Billions aren’t made by mediocrity.

Marvel has cracked the market and it’s worked out that more is more – whatever kind of superhero you wish for, they can provide. Guardians of the Galaxy works for the relaxed fans, fans who are new to the superhero world. With its catchy songs and dreamy lead Chris Pratt, the franchise opened up the superhero genre to a whole new audience, and breathed life into some musical classics in the process. If you want an intense, keeps you on the edge of your seat, superhero fix, Marvel has Captain America. Steve Rogers is the classic good guy gone bad and is played by yet another dreamy Chris; Chris Evans.

But it’s not all about dreamy leads. Marvel has something more important than Chris’s that DC will never quite capture. Marvel has Stan Lee. Its creator and number one fan appears in every film. Audiences can catch him in Avengers as an unsuspecting librarian or a hotdog vender in X-Men. Hidden gems like Stan’s cameos make Marvel more than movies but a brand that maintains its community. The films are grounded in their creators, audiences and loyalty to their origins. Marvel is about comics and Stan Lee doesn’t let us forget it.

With Iron Man, variety, and Stan Lee, what more could you want? There are non-believers, with issues as important as this there always will be. Those who know, understand that Marvel isn’t perfect. But that doesn’t matter, because just like every one of its superheroes, it’s still effortlessly better than DC.


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