Mass Effect: Legendary Edition – What we know so far

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is launching May 14th, remastering the original trilogy with all DLCs and new elements to bring the older games into the Modern World. It’s quite exciting; my experience with Mass Effect was only with Mass Effect 2 and its sequel’s multiplayer (which unfortunately is not being included!).

Perhaps the most unique feature of the trilogy is having each choice you make affect each game. While other games have attempted this – The Witcher 3 for example using The Witcher 2’s choices for extra dialogue etc. – none have achieved it as consistently as the Mass Effect trilogy. 

Another attractive feature of the trilogy is its characters, who are well-known in the gaming community and generally seen as some of the best around. From Garrus to Miranda, these human or alien characters are well-written and accompany your character Commander Shepard on a variety of missions. 

Firstly, the remaster features updated graphics, which, judging by the look of the comparison photos on EA’s website, look great. It also launches with 4K Ultra HD support, which is a nice option to have for those with the hardware. 

These same images showcase the new user-interface, which for the original game seems to have been updated to resemble the UI from Mass Effect 3, making the screen look incredibly slick and contemporary. 

Similarly, Mass Effect 1 has seen major gameplay changes, with the tabletop-style, dice-roll randomness of the combat being edited to reduce this game of chance. Furthermore, vehicle-handling has been improved, making it ‘a much smoother ride’, as EA puts it. 

Otherwise, there are countless little tweaks and bug-fixes, alongside enhanced audio and new or edited achievements. 

One strange thing however is the lack of a next-gen upgrade. While the game will be compatible with the new consoles, BioWare currently have no plans for a dedicated next-gen experience, which is a shame, though it is still perhaps the best way to see the new graphics. 

Overall, the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is shaping up to be the best way to experience the original trilogy, with its numerous changes to the first game and improvements to its sequels. I know I’ll be playing through the trilogy from the beginning for the first time, finding that BioWare magic in its countless hours. 


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