Matching underwear – the foundation of any outfit

Picture your underwear drawer: the mismatched socks, the comfortable go-to bra, the baggy laundry-day pants and, of course, hidden under all these, pushed to the back, the matching set. Of the few facts of existence that bind women inexplicably and universally together, the presence of that one set of lingerie is an assured reality of the female experience. That one matching pair not only have the unparalleled power to set pulses racing in the bedroom but can act as a panacea for a number of other predicaments.

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A good bra and well-fitting pair of underwear are the foundations of any outfit. They can change the way your clothes hang on your body, smooth out the inevitable lumps and bumps, give your bust a boost and make you feel ready to take on the world. Fitted correctly this pair of super underwear holds you in and fills you out in all the right places and can even help to improve your posture. That’s not to say that your ‘hot date’ underwear is only beneficial on a technical level. Walking around all day in your sauciest scanties with no one but yourself to know about it is like keeping a naughty little secret – it just makes you feel sexier.

A woman’s sexuality is personal, private and unique to each person, and lingerie is a great way to express and nurture that sexuality in a way that doesn’t seek approval from anyone else. Whether you favour frivolous frilly numbers, sultry black silk, lascivious red lace or even a kinky corset, there’s a style out there for everyone. Since no one has to know but yourself, it’s a great way to take fashion risks and try out a more provocative alter-ego. Of all the industries to take a hit in the recession in the last six years, the international lingerie market is still going strong. One reason for this is that the market is built on necessity – every woman needs underwear so demand never ebbs. Another explanation, and perhaps the most compelling one, is that lingerie is a fun way for a woman to treat herself and to feel special without breaking the bank. For students on a tight budget, buying new smallclothes has a similar pick-me-up effect to a pampering session. Even in the male fashion market you find men shelling out a little extra to get designer underwear from the likes of Armani, Calvin Klein and Jack Wills. This works as both a status symbol which inspires confidence and ideally gets the attention of the ladies and also as a satisfying indulgence.

So whatever your plans may be this Valentine’s Day – whether you’re single or in a relationship, male or female – your first port of call should be investing in a pair of irresistible intimates that will add some sultry sex appeal and make sure that, even in the cold of winter, you’ll be feeling hot, hot, hot.


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