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There is nothing better than a great combo; turkey and stuffing, strawberries and cream, the Tesco hoisin duck wrap with Thai sweet chilli crisps and a blueberry Innocent smoothie meal deal (prove me wrong).

Artists featuring on each others’ works brings out a unique element in their personalities and musicality that has led to their success. Not only could some classic bangers not have been made without the featured artist, but it would be a sadder world without them.

What would Gold Digger by Kanye West be without Jamie Foxx? What would Kendrick Lamar’s Loyalty be without Rihanna? What would Get Lucky by Daft Punk be without Pharrell Williams? Without the featured artist we would be in a world with not only significantly less variety but also with significantly less Pitbull and Snoop Dogg; that’s a lose-lose situation right there.

Besides, featured tracks give the bigger artists a chance to introduce us to some exceptional smaller artists. Like when Kanye showed us that inexperienced, up-and-comer (if Twitter is to be believed) Paul McCartney on his track FourFiveSeconds.

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