Meet these influential Black travelers

As the months go by and we’re still in a limbo waiting for the world to be safe enough for us to resume our normal lives, let’s look at two of the most inspiring Black travelers in the industry. They may not be the most popular or well-known, but rest assured, their adventures have had an incredible impact for their online followers and everyone who hears their stories.

Nathan Fluellen

First up is Chicago-born Nathan Fluellen, who started travelling the world in 2004. Nathan has always had an interest in travelling, especially because her mother would tell him stories from her international missionary trips. As he grew up, young Nathan was convinced that seeing the world was not simply a dream. It was a necessity.

However, his determination to actually travel the world came when his university professor, Dr. Gallen Hull, shared his autobiography. At that time, Hull had visited more than 80 countries and challenged Nathan to see more countries than him.

Naturally, he accepted. That was the beginning of his worldwide adventures.

Nathan’s passion for learning and sharing was why his blog became the perfect platform for him to inspire others. In an interview with EBONY, Nathan says that all he ever wanted is to “empower people to travel the world”.

In 2017, Nathan even hosted his own TV series under his trademark brand name which chronicled his journey through Africa. He has recently launched ‘Escape With Nate’, a podcast that invites various celebrity travelers and influencers to share their experiences with the audience. He’s also active on Instagram where he regularly shares about his travels and healthy lifestyle.

Jessica Nabongo

Jessica Nabongo is a renowned name among avid travelers. She’s a Ugandan-American travel blogger and influencer. Most importantly, she is the first documented Black woman to have visited every country in the world. That means she has passed through 195 border controls! Jessica officially achieved the title when she arrived in her final country, the Seychelles, in October 2019.

Jessica is more fondly known as thecatchmeifyoucan on her website and Instagram page, where she has amassed nearly 200 thousand followers. Although she too has always had a knack for travelling, Jessica first started her career in pharmaceutical sales, which lasted for a few years. It didn’t take her long to realize that her dream life involves travel, writing and photography.

In short, those dreams were how her award-winning website was born. Jessica aims for her story to inspire other people to keep discovering new places and experience the world. She’s especially passionate about advocating countries with a low tourism rate.

Jessica is also the founder of Jet Black, a boutique travel firm that hosts group trips and helps people plan their travels and explore the world. It specializes in African, Carribean as well as Central and South American destinations with the aim of promoting tourism in these areas.

Her ultimate goal is for the world to realize that countries in the African diaspora are teeming with rich cultures and beautiful travel spots.


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