Meghan Markle is saving the sinking monarchy

The monarchy is an outdated, irrelevant institution in the fast-moving modern era. At least that’s what some people would have you believe. It’s an argument gaining more traction as we move ever closer to the next generation of royals. People used to hear ‘the monarchy’ and think of the Queen, dressed up to the nines and planted firmly on her gilded throne. Now we think more about the younger generation of royalty. The issues that faced the British people when the Queen was in her thirties are vastly different to those looming over us in 2019. The unfortunate part is that the senior royals aren’t necessarily in-touch with these issues. But now we have Meghan Markle a new and outspoken royal figure dedicated to animal rights and giving a voice to the vulnerable amongst other causes.

Since Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, entered the royal family, she’s stirred things up a bit. Prince Harry has missed the past two Boxing Day hunts along with the rest of the royal family, respecting Meghan’s activism and love of animals. Only a few weeks ago she exclaimed ‘oh my God’ when shown the lack of BAME university professors in the UK, actually asking for the publication of the data to expose this issue of higher education. Perhaps most radically of all, the Duke and Duchess made an unannounced visit to One 25, a charity dedicated to pursuing the wellbeing of vulnerable woman working as sex workers on the streets of Bristol. A video emerged from the meeting showing Meghan watching volunteers packing food parcels for the women, her eyes lighting up when she writes ‘You are loved’ on bananas in the parcels.

The image of Diana shaking the hands of AIDS patients springs to mind. Both women were radical in the charities they visited, and both shook up the establishment from its very core.

Meghan’s candid attitude to sponsoring charities that tackle typically taboo matters is a breath of fresh air in the musty, royal household. She’s slowly and steadily blowing away the cobwebs spun over an institution that’s fallen into insignificance in the modern era. Naturally, as things change at the top of British society, the makeover will filter down into the masses (that’s us). Meghan is the spark of change that the royal family desperately needs. Thankfully, she shows no signs of stopping.

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