Melania’s mistake

One of the most important duties of a First Lady is to be an inspirational role model for young women, not just in America, but all over the world. Jackie Kennedy’s famous pink Chanel suit with the blood stains from the assassination of her husband is one of the most horrifying images a nation can remember. However, Melania’s choice to wear a Zara jacket with the words ‘I Really Don’t Care’ might be horrifying, but for a different reason.

Melania chose to wear this jacket on an official visit to detained children in Texas. This visit should have been an almost motherly event for the First Lady. The children detained in Texas, and in other cities close to the Mexican border, are separated from their parents. They are frightened and alone in a strange country, whose administration is lacking any signs of human compassion. Melania chose to adopt a care-free approach to her visit of such a horrific place. Her entire outfit was far too casual for such a highly reported event and this revealed her lack of interest in the role of First Lady.

The jacket itself, costing just £30 originally, has been sold widely on eBay for hundreds of pounds. This raises the question – Why would anyone want to wear this jacket? It could be bought by Trump fan who wants to adopt the same unconventional style as Melania. It might also be bought by those firmly against Trump’s border restrictions. These two different types of consumer are far apart in beliefs but may be wearing this jacket at different events to convey very different messages. One might wear this item every day and truly believe in its sentiments; the other might wear this at a protest to signify their disgust towards the administration. The importance of matching an outfit to an event cannot go underappreciated.

Melania will have failed in comparison to her predecessor Michelle Obama was known for her style, but more importantly, she advocated for improving the education of young girls. Melania’s wardrobe choices may seem inconsequential to those more concerned with the nitty-gritty of American politics, but if the rumours of Michelle Obama running as a democratic candidate in a future election are true, America will be comparing these ladies. Although this event is not the first impression that Americans will have seen, they will still remember this crucial mistake and this could be political fuel for any campaign manager that decides to work for Michelle Obama.

One lesson which we can all learn from this mistake is that first impressions count but your outfit at an event can signify your attitudes towards the people around you, so remember to think through any unconventional fashion choices.

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