Men’s Lacrosse Overcome Nottingham

UEA Men’s Lacrosse bagged their first win of the season last Wednesday with a gutsy 5-3 away victory against Nottingham University Threes.

UEA made a lacklustre start to the match, arriving so late that they had no time to warm up. Despite this, UEA soon took control of the match, with the midfield trio of Mikey Whitcutt, Alexander Roxin and Juliusz Bokiej dominating the centre of the park. But with the UEA defence putting in a performance that was somehow both bone-crunchingly psychical and woefully inadequate, it was Nottingham that took the lead.

With the game in the balance, it was left to Mikey Bolton to make the difference for the Eagles. Together with Kyran ‘Bad Boy’ Rose, Bolton successfully hounded the Nottingham goalkeeper into submission to bag UEA’s equaliser.

What followed was a period of intense UEA pressure. Slowly, this dominance began to tell, with Bolton taking a further three scores and Roxin chipping in with another. The game was far from won however, with Nottingham mounting a spirited attack late in the game. Luckily for the UEA Eagles, Conor Nicholson was brave enough to block the ball with two of his own.

UEA Lacrosse girls were set to replicate the men’s team and record their first win of the season, but suffered a 15-7 defeat away to Oxford Brookes. With their opponents scoring the first goal, UEA’s defence knuckled down and fought their way back into the match, with little Kathleen Brodala catapulting the ball into the back of the net on three occasions.

Half time came around quickly with the ladies trailing 6-4 and fully expecting to get back into the match after the interval. Sadly, these hopes were short-lived, as Oxford pulled through, despite the efforts of impressive subs Helen Busfield and Kendra Tye-Page to mount a 4th Quarter comeback.


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